Exterior Detail Packages

You may be wanting to get your new vehicle’s paint off on the right foot. Alternatively, an exterior detail is what you may be just what you’re looking for. After we finish the service, you will be able to feel the smoothness and slickness of the paint.

Whether you need a Wash and Wax or a Paint Correction, we have you covered.



Wash n Wax includes:

Wash n Wax .
  • Clean wheels and tires
  • Wash vehicle with quality products.
  • Dry vehicle with a microfiber towel.
  • Apply Trim Shine to all Trim
  • Apply a Spray Wax (lasts a couple weeks)
  • Clean exterior glass and windows
  • Dress tires to make them shine

Paint Enhancement Package includes:

Paint Enhancement .
  • Clean wheels and tires
  • Wash vehicle with quality products
  • Dry vehicle with a microfiber towel and hot air
  • Apply Trim Shine to all Trim
  • Chemical and Mechanical Decontamination of all paint
  • Single stage paint enhancement which will remove 70%+ of defects in the paintwork.( Paint Correction available upon request)
  • Apply a Ceramic Sealant or Coating
  • Clean exterior glass and windows
  • Dress tires to make them shine
  • Detail and Dress Engine Bay

Why hAVE YOUR VEHICLE WAXED by upstate mobile car detailing?

1. Protects against minor swirls 

Scratches and other minor paint flaws are relatively common, and impossible to completely eliminate. The clear coat, which is the top layer of your car’s paint, is where the most scratches occur. Improper washing, clutching your keys as you open your door, rubbing against your car, automatic car washes, and a variety of other factors are all known to produce clear coat scratches. Car scratches happen frequently since there are so many causes. Clear coat scratches can be caused by even the tiniest contact with the car.  As a result, having a second layer of protection on top of the clear coat is critical. This may be able to save your car from some of these minor blemishes.

Although auto wax will not completely prevent your clear coat from scratches, it will assist to lessen them. If you’re looking for a more durable and longer lasting protection, then a ceramic coating may be the right option for you.

Over time, these small scratches build on your car’s paint, becoming highly obvious and eventually covering the entire vehicle. You can reduce the frequency of these scratches by applying vehicle wax. These scratches accumulate significantly quicker without the added protection of a wax covering.

2. It gives your car a gleaming appearance.
Many people dream of having a gleaming car since it allows them to show off their vehicle while also making them seem beautiful behind the wheel.

The majority of people are aware that waxing your car will boost its shine and make your paint seem fantastic. The natural oils in auto wax help to add gloss to the paint, giving it a brand-new look.

Car wax can also be used to fill up minor flaws in the clear coat, giving it a more uniform appearance. This consistent appearance gives the impression that the paint is in better condition than it is. One of the most significant advantages of applying car wax is a gleaming vehicle.

3. Assists in the preservation of the paint.
One of the first things people notice about your car is its color. This might have a beneficial or negative impact on you. Most people won’t appreciate looking at your car if the paint is faded, scratched, or beat up (unless they’re making fun of it).

On the contrary, people will notice how wonderful your car is if it is clean, bright, and well-maintained. As a result of poor protection and negligence, the paint fades and scratches with time.

To avoid deterioration, it’s crucial to keep your paint coated with wax on a regular basis. This will help you maintain a gleaming, spotless appearance for the life of your vehicle. This has an impact not just on how others see you, but also on the resale value of your car. Here at Upstate Car Detailing we use quality wax products. The waxes that we use typically last 9+ months.


4. Makes Cleaning Your Car Easier
When it comes time to wash your car, waxing will make it easier. Many people are unaware of this advantage of waxing your automobile, but it is a really important aspect of car wax. By providing a smooth and protective coating surrounding the paint, car wax helps prevent debris from adhering to the vehicle’s surface. This makes it easier to wash off dirt and other particles because they don’t attach as well to the wax coating.

5. It shields you from the sun’s rays.
You may have seen cars on the road with faded paint spots that detract from the vehicle’s appearance. Sun damage to the clear coat layer of the car’s paint is the most typical cause.

UV rays from the sun can harm the paint over time, causing it to fade. Car wax helps to combat this by providing a protective layer that shields your car’s paint from UV rays.



Wax is simple to remove and reapply, but re-painting your car is not that simple (or inexpensive). As a result, protecting your car’s paint before it’s too late is a wise move. Waxing your car on a regular basis might help prevent sun damage.

6. Maintains the appearance of your vehicle
Your car’s paint is exposed to a variety of weather conditions and scenarios throughout time. Many of these scenarios end up causing harm to your vehicle.

Many types of damage, such as tiny scratches and sun damage, can be avoided with car wax. Waxing your car on a regular basis helps maintain the paint and keep it looking new for a long time. Using auto wax to keep your car looking new has a number of advantages:

It will help to increase resale value because it will be obvious that the car has been well-maintained and cared for. It will also be more pleasurable to drive about, despite the fact that the vehicle may be quite ancient.

Our Ceramic Coating Will:

  1. Add Extreme Glossiness
  2. Totally Eliminate Waxing
  3. Make  Washing Extremely Easy
  4. Reduce Amount of Washes Due to Its Self-Cleaning Effect
  5. Provide Protection for 9+ months

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