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For the most part, yes. There will be a few times where we can do a same-day service depending on where you’re located and the services you’re requesting. However, 98% of the time, we’re by appointment only.

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We are 100% confident that we will be able to get your interior cleaned to the best condition possible. However, some stains maybe far too gone for us to completely remove. Regardless, we’ll do everything we can to make it look its best. If we can’t remove it, we’ll at least make it look significantly better.

With the tools, products, and knowledge we have, we’re able to reach a lot of areas in the interior without having to remove the seats. So we do not remove seats.

Detailing is about more than just cleaning your car. Bug, tar, sap, and lime removal, tire and rim treatment, inside leather and vinyl conditioning, carpet and headliner shampooing, wet sanding, waxing, and applied protectants keep your car’s paint job looking like it just left the dealership. Furthermore, frequent detailing extends the life of your car, ensures its safety and integrity, and increases its worth.

YES! Just because your car is new doesn’t imply it’s flawless. All vehicles leave the manufacturer with flaws that dealerships do not fix before selling. Dealerships also do not apply adequate wash techniques, resulting in swirl marks on spanking new cars. No paint, wheels, glass, or interior protection comes standard on new cars. Don’t fall for the dealer’s overpriced “paint protection” plan. They are selling you a sub-par product (as indicated above) at a sub-par price. Not a good idea to buy dealer “paint protection”! Bring your new automobile to us and we’ll fix any flaws and protect it so it looks great for years!

Yes, we need your water and power. I don’t carry my own water tank and generator, I will need to use yours during the detail. Don’t worry, I use as little water as possible to accomplish the detail.

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