Premium Full Car Detail Packages

This service is a combination of our exterior and interior detail. This service suits most customers’ needs as this service provides a new look to your vehicle. 

We offer 2 packages and they are pretty simple. The clean car package will make your vehicle clean. The new car package is more involving and takes more time, because of this it will look better than new once you get it back.


The clean car Package includes:

Exterior: .
  • Clean wheels and tires
  • Wash vehicle with quality tools.
  • Remove bugs and bird droppings.
  • Dry vehicle with a soft microfiber towel.
  • Apply Trim Shine to all Trim
  • Clean exterior glass and windows.
  • Dress Tires
  • Apply Spray Wax ( lasts couple weeks)
Interior: .
  • Gather all loose items. Trash and personal items will be separated.
  • Thoroughly vacuum interior (including trunk and crevices)
  • Shampoo and Extract all fabric seats via hot water extraction
  • Clean the dashboard and all interior panels steam cleaned (if needed or requested)
  • All internal glass is cleaned.
  • Clean all door jambs.
  • Protect all interior panels with a protectant (lasts up to 6 months) to prevent future fading and staining. This will also give the interior a new look.

The New car Package includes:

Exterior: .
  • Clean wheels and tires
  • Wash and Dry vehicle using quality microfiber towels and hot air.
  • Apply Trim Shine to all Trim
  • Clean exterior glass and windows.
  • Dress tires to make them shine.
  • Chemical and Mechanical Decontamination of all paint
  • Single stage paint enhancement which will remove about 70%+ of defects in the paintwork
  • Apply a 1 year Ceramic Sealant or Wax
  • Detail and Dress Engine Bay.
Interior: .
  • Gather all personal belongings and trash. Both will be separated.
  • Thoroughly vacuum interior (including trunk and crevices)
  • Detail all interior panels including dashboard using steam (if needed or requested)
  • Clean windows and mirrors.
  • Clean door jambs.
  • Protect all interior panels AND seats with a 1-2 year interior CERAMIC COATING which will prevent fading, cracking, staining, and has antimicrobial properties.

what is the difference between a car wash and a detail?

A car detailing service is a more advanced version of a typical car wash. It’s a more complete process that cleans, corrects, and protects your investment in a way that a vehicle wash can’t. A auto detailing service includes comprehensive cleaning as well as mild cosmetic paint repair and high-tech protection coatings. While getting your car washed every week or so is crucial, auto detailing is a one-time procedure that will revitalize and maintain the appearance of your vehicle. Detailing a car is a cut above.

Consider this: as a driver, you have the option of driving a Nissan GT-R NISMO with its carbon fiber body, tuned 600-horsepower engine, and carbon ceramic brake system, or you may drive a GT-R NISMO with its carbon fiber body, tuned 600-horsepower engine, and carbon ceramic braking system.

But how does auto detailing differ from a car wash? What are the differences between them?

Professional detailing may entail more than just a car wash, but it always starts with one. In many circumstances, even the wash phase of detailing is superior than a standard car wash. For the initial wash phase, some detailing firms may use an automatic vehicle wash; others will wash your automobile by hand, which is the preferred and most successful way.

Of course, what we can accomplish in a professional shop differs from what most auto owners can accomplish in their driveway. To begin, we will thoroughly clean your vehicle’s exterior surfaces, including the door and trunk jambs, wheel wells, and undercarriage. Special chemicals are used to target contaminants such bird droppings, bug residue, and road tar. The sticky brake dust on your alloy wheels is the same way. Your car’s every surface, corner, and cranny is cleaned.

Microfiber towels and pressurized air are used to dry your car after it has been washed. Upstate Mobile Car Detailing will take extra precautions to avoid damaging your paint with sand, dirt, or other abrasives (such as terry cloth cotton towels).

We will thoroughly evaluate all painted surfaces after your automobile has been professionally washed and dried to determine if paint correction is required. Paint repair is the process of restoring the paint finish to its original state. Because paint correction includes machining or tooling the paint surface, an amateur who tries to “detail” a car in the driveway might cause harm to the vehicle. 

Your car’s paint is made up of two layers: a colored basecoat and a durable, transparent clearcoat (assuming it was built within the last thirty years). This exterior clearcoat layer is constructed of a tough plastic that resists dirt, sand, snow, salt, and sunlight while maintaining a high gloss for years. However, due to microscopic micro-scratches produced by abrasion, improper wash procedures, and even poorly-equipped or maintained automatic car washes, the outer layer of clearcoat can turn dull with time. Oxidation results in a dulled appearance, while scratches from trike handlebars and smiley faces etched in the dust produce ugly traces.

A paint enhancement may suffice if only minor paint repair is required. In any event, the goal is to restore the paint surface to its original state, which is bright and shiny.

It’s time to put a protective layer or two to your car’s paint once it’s been washed and the paint has been repaired. This is usually accomplished with items that belong into one of three categories: wax, sealant, or a ceramic coating.

Wax is a hydrophobic material that occurs naturally in the environment. It is water-repellent. Carnauba wax is the principal ingredient in most professional automobile waxes. Carnauba is a wax produced by a palm tree in Brazil that helps the paint shed water, prevent pollutants from adhering to it, and protect it from harmful UV rays. The higher the Carnauba concentration in a product, the better the quality.

Sealants (also known as polymer sealants) are similar to waxes in that they create a thin, weatherproof barrier. Sealants, on the other hand, are synthetic, man-made compounds. They adhere to the paint incredibly effectively and form a tough shell. They are generally more durable than waxes, and can last up to a year in some situations. Carnauba wax, according to some vehicle aficionados, has a higher sheen than polymer sealer. Others favor the sealant’s long-term durability. For the best of all worlds, hard-core drivers may use both a sealer and a wax.


Ceramic coating is the third type of paint protectant. This choice, despite being a relative newcomer on the automotive arena, provides by far the best level of protection of the three. Ceramic coatings, which are mostly made up of silica and titanium dioxide, form a strong chemical link with your paint and a nano-ceramic shield over your clearcoat. Ceramic coatings are highly long-lasting, lasting anywhere from two to five years. They are, however, difficult to deal with and must be applied to a perfectly prepared surface. Although there are DIY devices available, they are inferior to professionally installed systems, some of which require a technician to be qualified in order to operate.

An interior detail is part of the Full Detail Package too. A similar amount of care is given to the interior of your vehicle. The carpets have been vacuumed, spot-treated, shampooed. The seats are cleaned and treated, whether they are made of cloth, leather, or vinyl. The dash and other sensitive surfaces are cleaned and coated without leaving behind unsightly stains caused by the incorrect cleaning products. The windshield and other glass are cleaned.

Detailing addresses significantly more than a superficial wash job, whether you want the outside of your car, the inside of your automobile, or both. The “details” are what make the difference. Of course, you may do your own detailing by investing in the necessary tools, supplies, and time. However, you might be better off arranging a appointment with Upstate Mobile Car Detailing if you want the best result with the most protection and the least amount of damage.


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