Headlight Restoration Spartanburg

Your car’s headlights must be working properly to keep you and others safe. You must also ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy. So, if you have any concerns regarding the appearance or performance of your headlights, you should look into our Headlight Restoration Service. Scratches, foggy headlights, and sun damage are common issues that require attention. The oxidation of the acrylic headlight lens is caused by UV. Headlights have a clear coating to reduce this effect, but it fades off and the lens discolors.

Heavy oxidation lowers headlight output. This can increase the danger of an accident, especially at night. Headlight restoration can help. Daytime running lights have been found to reduce car accidents. It’s simple. Thanks to bright headlights, your automobile is more visible to pedestrians and other motorists even during the day. Cleaning cloudy foggy headlights not only emphasizes road safety day and night, but can also save you money on a pricey headlight replacement.


Headlight Restoration Includes: .
  • All headlights will be sanded and or compounded to remove any haziness or fogginess.
  • To finish it off we will either put a new clear coat or a sealant on your headlights to ensure that they don’t fog up again and stay looking brand new for a while.

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Every car is a different size and is at a different level of dirtiness. We must know more about the car before giving a that fits the situation. 

All prices are custom to the conditions of the vehicle.

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