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Our motorcycle detailing services offer professional results for your ride. We have the specialized tools, excellent knowledge of motorcycles, and an eye for every detail. Whether it is your daily rider or weekend toy, the will restore it to its original.


Motorcycle Detailing: .
  • Hand Wash
  • Bug and tar removal
  • Wheels and tires cleaned and dressed
  • Storage compartments cleaned
  • Seats cleaned
  • Wax applied to all paint

Leather Seat Protection, Paint Polishing, and Ceramic Coatings are available

why should you ceramic coat your motorcycle?

Once you’ve found a motorcycle you adore, you’ll want to do everything you can to preserve its beauty. Oxidation, scrapes, and other factors might degrade the looks Ceramic coating is one of the greatest ways to protect the paint on your motorcycle.

Is ceramic coating for motorcycles a good idea? Yes, and there are a few factors that will help you see why it’s a good investment.

What is Ceramic Coating and How Does It Work?
Before deciding whether or not to ceramic coat your motorcycle, you should first understand what it is. It is a liquid polymer that bonds with the paint throughout the body of your vehicle and is commonly referred to as nano-ceramic coating. The toughened coat creates a long-lasting line of defense against the hostile environment you expose your bike to both on and off the road.

A protective barrier, comparable to wax, is provided by the ceramic coating. Waxing, on the other hand, is something that needs to be done every month or so and will wash away with time. Because of the way the ceramic coating adheres to the paint’s surface, it provides a long-term solution.

what are the benefits of a ceramic coating?

1. Limit swirl marks and scratches
A scratch-resistant barrier will be created by the ceramic coating. This does not imply that your bike is now scratch-resistant.

It can, however, significantly reduce the number of scratches you see, whether they’re caused by leaning your bike against anything or a few branches brushing up against it while it’s parked.

It’s easier to keep your motorcycle in good shape when you don’t see as many blemishes. It can also prevent corrosion from occurring as a result of the body’s metal being exposed to the elements.

2. Hydrophobicity
With the ceramic coating in place, a non-porous, hydrophobic barrier is created. Water will bead up on the surface as a result of this. It comes with a lot of benefits. To begin with, your motorcycle will be simple to clean and maintain.

All of the water-based filth and grime that builds up on your bike will roll off, and whatever remains can be readily wiped with a little water.

When it rains, the water will also bead up and bead off. It will allow you to ride a more attractive motorcycle regardless of the weather.

When you do wash your motorcycle, you won’t have to worry about water marks as much as you did before the coating was applied.

3. Protection against harmful UV rays

When you’re riding your bike, it’s exposed to the elements, particularly the sun’s severe UV rays. Your bike may also be exposed to a large quantity of sun, depending on where you park. All of those UV photons have the potential to cause oxidation.

The vivid paint job you have will begin to fade over time. It will lose the gleam that you once admired in your bike.

The ceramic coating does more than just protect your bike from UV rays. A candy-gloss finish is also included, which helps to improve the overall appearance.

This is the kind of crystalline shine you’d only dream of getting with wax — and it lasts longer.

4. Superior Appearance
Your motorcycle is exposed to the elements, including acid, which can cause chemical stains, bird droppings, and bugs, which can eat away at the paint’s clear covering if left to cure on the surface.

You want your motorcycle to appear excellent at all times if you love it. This is more than just washing it once a week or so. Ordinary paint isn’t going to last forever, so keep that in mind. When it comes to looks, ceramic coating your motorcycle gives you the lifespan you want.

You know that if anything hits your bike while you’re riding, it’ll still look good when you park it.

5. Cost-Effective
You should think about how much money ceramic coating can save you rather than how much it will cost. There’s a reason why so many people purchase motorcycles: they can help you save money.

Consider the different ways you may safeguard and polish your bike. Ceramic coating is a cost-effective choice.

Consider how much time and money you now spend waxing your motorcycle if you’re not convinced it’s worth it. After then, think about how much it will cost to get your bike entirely repainted.

When you invest in having your bike ceramic coated, you can expect it to last for up to eight years. That could be even longer than you intend to keep it.

Why choose us?

Working with a Upstate Mobile Car Detailing ensures that the ceramic coating will last for many years. It is possible to have a coating that lasts up to eight years, providing you with reliable protection. We are certified installers of System X Ceramic Coatings who make some of the highest quality ceramic coatings on the market. Our prices reflect quality and experience.

Is it necessary to ceramic coat your motorcycle? It’s an investment you should definitely make if you care about the appearance of your bike.

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