Odor Removal Service

Smoke odors are one of the more difficult odors to remove from your interior. The two biggest factors to how much we can remove will come down to the following: 

1. How long it’s been smoked in.

2. How much it was smoked in. 

The longer (and more intense) smoking that’s taken place in the interior, the harder and longer it will take to reduce the odor to a satisfactory level. 

Unfortunately if it’s a severe condition of years of smoking, and a lot of smoking at that, our chances of removing 100% are extremely low. At that point, we can definitely reduce and decrease the odor, but to get rid of the smoke odor entirely, it would require you to replace some of the fabric material like the headliner, carpeting, floor mats, etc…


What Is Included:

For any level of smoke odor removal, it will not be a quick 1-hour job. We require the vehicle to be dropped off at our shop location for a minimum of 1 day. It’s the only way we have enough time to do all the proper steps and ensure the best quality outcome.
The goal of the service is to not mask the smoke smell with a fragrance or perfume. It’s to remove and eliminate the layer of nicotine that’s left behind from smoking. This is the only way to ensure long term results. You don’t want to have the car smelling okay for three days only for the smoke odor to come back.

Intensive Interior Cleaning and Odor Removal Process:

Odor Removal Process Includes: .
  • Thorough vacuum of all surfaces, compartments, nooks, and crannies
  • Thoroughly clean all plastics and leather surfaces with a smoke-odor specific product that neutralizes and eliminates tobacco.
  • Extract carpet, seats, and floor mats via hot water extraction and tobacco-specific carpet detergent
  • Thoroughly clean all windows and mirrors
  • Replace Cabin Air Filter in vehicle. ( A fresh cabin air filter will prevent bad odors from coming back)
  • Begin Ozone treatment application to reduce and eliminate the odor
There’s not many places in Spartanburg that specialize in proper smoke odor removal services. Simply shampooing or steaming the interior is not enough depending on the severity of the odor.

Protection Is Key!

After your vehicle interior is cleaned and all odors are removed, it is crucial that a protection is applied to all interior panels, carpets, and seats. This will prevent future odors from “sticking” to all your surfaces. This will also prevent staining, cracking, fading and most importantly, it will make your interior easier to clean. Protection will last 1-2 years.

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Every car is a different size and is at a different level of dirtiness. We must know more about the car before giving a that fits the situation. 

All prices are custom to the conditions of the vehicle.

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