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Whether your on the go, or simply don’t have time, we are here to make your RV look new again with our wash and wax service!

If you’re looking to protect your investment for the upcoming years and not weeks, then a ceramic coating is the best option for you. 

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What is included:

RV Detailing Includes: .
  • Clean and dress Wheels and tires
  • Wash and wax the exterior of the RV including the rooftop.
  • Clean all Exterior glass and Windshield
*Polishing services are available

Why pay for exterior RV detailing?

It’s helpful to know exactly what you’re paying for if you decide to hire Upstate Mobile Car Detailing to clean your RV. It’s also beneficial to have a sense of what’s regarded a fair price for the services provided. This will ensure that you obtain a good deal. Because of the many types and sizes of RVs, RV detailing prices vary. A huge Class A RV will cost significantly more to detail than a mid-size Class B RV simply because cleaning a much larger vehicle takes much more time and work.

Many RV detailers charge by the foot because there are so many various types and sizes of RVs. If you decide to choose us to do it, this can cost anywhere from $5 to $40 per foot. There will be differences depending on whether the detailer is a mobile RV cleaner or a location-based detailer. Take a closer look at some of the factors that influence the cost of RV detailing:

Costs for RV Detailing:

For a starting point, plan to pay roughly $15 per foot for a thorough exterior high-pressure wash plus a “small” inside treatment. Dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning the counters and surfaces in the living room, bathroom, and kitchen are all part of this process. We do not charge per hour. We charge for the amount of work that needs to be done and the condition of what we are cleaning.

An exterior wash will vary in price per foot, but an RV wash and wax service will cost more. Because it is a labor-intensive process, the price might rise to $30-$40 per foot. You’ll also need to consider the expense of professional mobile RV cleaning. Bugs, tar, and other impurities will be removed with special detailing products. You may have to spend an extra $2-$4 per foot due to stubborn bug and tar deposits. The RV can then be waxed and polished after it has been cleaned and dried to improve its overall appearance and provide further protection from the elements. For best protection, this should be done every couple of months if possible.

Roof Cleaning Pricing

A basic roof wash is included in several RV detailing kits. However, if you require any specific treatment, the cost of RV detailing may increase. The cost is also determined by the sort of roof you have. For example, if a rubber roof is thoroughly cleaned and sealed, coating it with a UV protectant can cost around $150. Similarly, whether putting a protective coating or using a chemical to restore fading fiberglass on an RV, special care and attention is required.

Your RV’s Age And Condition Are Important Factors To Consider.

The state of your RV will also play a role in deciding your RV detailing costs. It will be easier, faster, and consequently less expensive to clean a new model that is in good shape. Cleaning the interior and exterior of your home should cost roughly $15 per foot. Older RVs, on the other hand, can have their detailing costs doubled, especially if they have extensive soiling or mold/mildew. You may choose an interior thorough cleaning package that includes stain removal for $30 per foot. A $25 fee for pet hair removal may be added to the base pricing. 

Using a Mobile Detailer vs. Using a Location-Based Detailer

Whether you prefer the convenience of mobile detailing or prefer to attend a location-based RV detailer, the cost of RV detailing varies. The cost of mobile auto detailing reflects the convenience of the service and includes the detailer’s travel expenses. A location-based firm, on the other hand, must account for construction overheads as well as land rental/mortgage expenses in its pricing methods, which may result in you paying more. Looking at who will actually be executing the task is a better approach to compare pricing. Below is the detailer’s and brand’s experience.

The Detailer’s Experience RV 

Expect to pay more for someone’s skill sets and knowledge if they have received sufficient training and years of experience. Because your RV is a costly vehicle, it will be money well spent in this case. As a result, it’s critical to leave its cleaning to someone who understands what they’re doing.

In Conclusion

RV detailing costs vary depending on the services you select, the size and condition of your vehicle. If you have a larger RV, you will need two or more detailers to complete the task. However, if a detailer has to perform a lot more work on it, the cost will go up. It’s worth asking if you can get a discount if you buy many add-on services. The costs we’ve stated are only a ballpark figure. Contact the RV detailer and request a quote depending on the size and type of the task to get an exact estimate.

Leave the job to the professionals and arrange an appointment to get your RV professionally detailed with Upstate Mobile Car Detailing if you want to put your precious item in excellent hands.

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